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P & H has the options you need to meet your marketing goals.
    Cash Sale
  • simplest form of marketing.
  • agreement between yourself and P & H to pay a certain price for a certain quantity and quality of grain.
  • payment either immediate or can be deferred for tax planning.

    Deferred Delivery

  • agreement between yourself and P & H to pay a certain price for grain to be delivered at a future date.
  • useful to "lock-in" a price for new crop production.
  • useful if the price for grain is attractive to you now but delivery is not convenient or possible.
  • you are at risk to grow or store the grain and quality you contract.
  • price risk and gain is passed on.

    Basis Contract

  • agreement between yourself and P & H to determine the difference between the futures price and the net price you will receive.
  • useful if the basis level is attractive, however, you believe the futures level will increase.
  • while the basis component of your net price is determined the risk and gain of futures price movement is yours.

    Trigger Pricing / Stop Pricing

  • agreement between you and P & H whereby upon your written instructions, P & H will price your stored grain if the street price rises or falls to levels set by you.
  • for example, if the current price for canola is $5.50/bus., you have a target price of $6.00 but do not want less than $5.25. You can leave instructions with your P & H representative to price all or portion of your stored grain accordingly.
  • provide a disciplined approach to grain marketing.
  • useful if you are busy harvesting, seeding or on holidays and cannot watch prices.

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